Power Circuit Breakers

for safety and protection

Project References

Terasaki Project References

Terasaki work with a range of clients from a variety of industries. Outlined below are Case Studies representing a range of typical Terasaki clients with detailed information on how we have helped their business achieve maximum benefits using our services.

Safety and protection are the prime purposes of all Terasaki products, which meet our clients high expectations and requirements.

Interlocking Solution for Dewsbury Hospital

Interlocking Solutiong for Dewsbury Hospital

Download Dewsbury Hospital Study.
Charnwood Campus Project

Tested and verified combination for Charnwood Analytical test facility

Download Charnwood Campus Project Case Study.
Amrun Mine Project

Implementing Circuit Breakers at Amrun Mine

Download Amrun Mine Project Case Study.
Jimblebar Mine

Remote ACB Switching at Jimblebar Mine

Download the Jimblebar Mine Case Study.
Supertram Electrical Upgrade

1000V DC Circuit Breaker for Supertram

Download the Supertram Electrical Upgrade Case Study.
Sainsbury Shop Front

Sainsburys: Headquarters at Holburn, London

Download the Sainsburys Headquarters Case Study.
Bank of Canada Circuits

Royal Bank of Canada, London: Retrofit

Download the Royal Bank of Canada Retrofit Case Study.
Torness Nuclear Power Station

EDF Energy: Torness Nuclear Power Station, UK

Download the Torness Nuclear Power Station Case Study.
BHP Billiton Facility

BHP Billiton: Mining Industry

Download the BHP Billiton Case Study.
Neves-Corvo Mine

Lundin Mining: Neves-Corvo Mine

Download the Neves-Corvo Mine Case Study.
Credit Suisse Retrofit

Credit Suisse, London: Retrofit

Download the Credit Suisse Retrofit Case Study.
RBS Bishopsgate

Royal Bank of Scotland, London: Retrofit

Download the Royal Bank of Scotland Retrofit Case Study.
Standard Life Logo

Standard Life Data Centre, Edinburgh: Retrofit

Download the Standard Life Retrofit Case Study.
Terasaki Circuits

The Rosebery Group Data Centre, UK: Overheating Protection

Download the The Rosebery Group Overheating Protection Case Study.
Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant

Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant (ChelPipe), Russia: Pipe Workshop

Download the Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant Case Study.

Commonwealth Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome

Download the "Commonwealth Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome" Case Study.

BAA Airports Limited: Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Download the Heathrow Airport Case Study.
Ringhals Nuclear Power Station

Vattenfall: Ringhals Nuclear Power Station

Download the Ringhals Nuclear Power Station Case Study.
Rolling Mill Steel Factory

SSAB: Rolling Mill Steel Factory in Sweden

Download the Rolling Mill Steel Factory Case Study.
Telehouse Data Centre

Telehouse U.K.: Telehouse Data Centre

Download the Telehouse Data Centre Case Study.
Volvo Foundry

Volvo Sweden: Volvo Foundry at Skövde

Download the Volvo Foundry Case Study.
Whitelee Wind Farm

Scottish Power: Whitelee Windfarm, UK

Download the Whitelee Wind Farm Case Study.
Encon Project

Econ Ltd: Wrenbridge, Snodland

Download the Encon Project Case Study.
Dawley Road Bus Depot

Abellio London Bus: EV Bus Depot

Download the Dawley Road Bus Depot Case Study.