Power Circuit Breakers

for safety and protection

Application Notes

  • Circuit Breaker Selection was affected by "Seventeenth Edition" Amendment from the First of July 2015
    A new compensation factor, Cmin, has been included in the UK regulation for protection from electric shock. Terasaki has produced a technical guide on this factor, explaining common reasons an elecrical design may not meet the "Requirements for Electrical Installations" IET Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition. BS7671:2008 and the solutions offered by Terasaki.
  • Safe Switchgear Specifications Paper
    This paper will update the professional electrical engineer on the safe application of low voltage MCCB technology and will examine thoroughly protection disciplines, isolation principles and future trends for MCCBs.
  • The Application of Circuit Breakers to Reduce Downtime in Datacentres
    This paper will describe circuit breaker selection methods and available circuit breaker technology which can contribute to reduced downtime in datacentres. It is divided into issues related to topology (or system layout) and sustainability (performance over time).

  • How To Choose a Circuit Breaker
    A helpful guide in PDF format on how to choose the correct circuit breaker for a certain project: Air Circuit Breaker or Moulded Case Circuit Breaker. This article can be used for publishing in your local magazines or provided to specifiers.