Power Circuit Breakers

for safety and protection

Application notes
Circuit Diagrams

A PDF with electrical wiring diagrams.


Discrimination Tables

PDF document with a definition of a discrimination, discrimination tables with an upstream TemPower 2 ACBs and TemBreak 2 MCCBs with an explanation of how to use these tables.

Double Neutral Application Notes

An article about the world’s only ACB with 12,000A neutral - Terasaki TemPower 2 ACBs with double neutral. Including technical specifications.


Double Opening and Double Closing Coils

An article in PDF about Terasaki ACBs’ double breaking and opening coils. These may be used in datacentres and UPS to increase the reliability of the entire electrical system.

Power Consumption and Derating

A PDF with power consumption and derating tables.


How To Choose a Circuit Breaker

A helpful guide in PDF format on how to choose the correct circuit breaker for a certain project: Air Circuit Breaker or Moulded Case Circuit Breaker. This article can be used for publishing in your local magazines or provided to specifiers.

Retrofitting of Low Voltage ACBs New for Old

Read more about retrofitting ACBs in an article about Retrofitting a modern low voltage air circuit breaker being cost and time effective solution to this growing dilemma.